Suzette Nesbitt - Rowdy Blonde Studio

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"It was the immediacy that first drew me to metal and jewelry."

Metal is so direct and spontaneous. I love the building and shaping of it! I am often inspired by the lines and colors of the stones I choose and I rely on my years of metal manipulation to allow my pieces to evolve naturally.

Constant exploration in techniques has resulted in work that is always changing and fresh with the signature 'light-hearted' approach that is synonymous with my life.

An innate sense of line and contour acquired from 34 years in hair design enables me to design pieces that compliment the wearer. I get immense pleasure from watching the wearer light up when just the right piece is put on! 4

Suzette apprenticed in jewelry-making and design and attended master classes in the following studies

  • Damascene & Kum Boo/ Komelia Okim,
  • Anti-clastic & Synclastic Rasing / Jack da Sylva
  • Shell-forming / Betty Helen Longi

    Suzette lives in the beautiful Ozark mountains with her husband Jeff Walker a ceramic artist.
    64 Thyme Lane                                                                                                                                                  
  • Reeds Spring

Missouri , 65737


Best in Jewelry at the Central Westend Art Show, St. Louis, MO

Award of Excellence / Cash Prize- Gulf Breeze High, Gilf Breeze, Florida 2013